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Camping- Pay next day late

Private Rock Climbers Campground  $7.00/night/per person/per night for car or tent camping if paid next day late.

    How to set up:

1. Find green sticker container in front door of gear shop.

2. Write your name & number of campers on the sticker & put it on car and tent.

3. Park around gear shop or the 2 open field areas located down below the restaurant parking area.    (NO PARKING in the restaurant parking area allowed)

4. All reservations are done online with card payment.

5. Campers keep 6″ social distance or wear a mask if not.

6. Shower tokens can be bought in laundry room -across from the large pavilion.They are $1.50/4 minute shower token.

 7. Any cars or tents without camp tags found on  them will be charged double camping fees of 7.00/ night.

 8. It is so crucial  to register to camp, so we have your information on file should we need to contact trace you.

Ammenities:                                                                                                                                                 Miguel’s Pizza dinner menu ( 11am-9:45pm )  

Breakfast served ( 7am til 11am )     

Gear Shop onsite (9am-8pm weekdays, 8am-10pm fri.  & sat., sun.8am-9pm)

Token showers/Covered cooking pavilion/ Flat shady / sunny areas / Fiber  internet service


Quiet time 11pm-7am                                                                                                                                   

Dogs must be on a leash.                                                                                                                           

No illegal activity or solicitation.                                                                                                           

Try to set up your tent away from other campers.                                                                         

Pet owners must remove their dogs or cats waste.                                                                          

Be quiet coming in late at night so you do not disturb other campers.                        

Please do not come camping if you are sick and think you might be carrying the virus.If you are sick while here or after you leave here, please let us know so we can contact trace those you had contact with.We have record of guest’s phone numbers and emails for contact tracing purposes.

 Cancellations:It is camper’s responsibility to check the weather at 40376 zip code before arrival.    Once you have paid for camping ,  we do not give refunds but can move reservations to later dates for free.