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Private Rock Climbers Campground

  $3.06/night per person, prepaid*

      Prepaid means you pay before you set up to camp or come 1ST  thing in the morning to pay if you arrive  late after the gear shop is closed.

 $6.13/night per person*

       Tents with overdue or missing tent tags found.

  $84.90 month per person

       If paying a month at a time.

 How to pay for camping

      Pay at Miguel’s Rock Climbing Shop for a tent & car tag upon arrival

         We have unlimited camping space , so no need to reserve a spot

            Gear shop hours are: 

                Mon.-Thurs. 8 am – 12 noon

                                        4 pm – 9 pm 

                Fri. & Sat.     7 am – 10 pm

                Sunday          7 am –  9 pm 


All tent camping to the right of the restaurant must park their cars at the gear shop parking area.     

         All tent camping to the left of the restaurant must park their cards in van land.



      Miguels Pizza menu ( 11am til 9:45pm )

        Breakfast served ( 7am til 11am )

          Token showers & laundry machines

            Two Covered cooking pavillions

               Four Flat shady / sunny fields 

                 Internet & computer room

                    One activity great room

                        Basketball court


   1. Quiet time 11pm.

   2. Dogs must be on a leash.

   3. No illegal activity or solicitation.

   4. No playing basketball after 11pm.

   5. Try to set up your tent away from other campers.

   6. Pet owners must remove their dogs or cats waste.

   7. Be quiet coming in late at night so you do not disturb other campers.

   8. Loud noise  is not allowed on premises from11 PM TO 7AM


    It is campers responsibility to check the weather at 40376 zip code before arrival.

        Once you have paid for camping onsite ,  we do not give refund

*means there will be 6% sales tax added to these prices as in Kentucky camping requires this tax.